The Bad Thing Happened

Florida Insurance Education FISCE Spring Break

“It’s a ‘swim forum.’ What could possibly go wrong?”

-Ft. Lauderdale event planners in 1938 who ‘accidentally’ created Spring Break (scroll to the F5 for the story

The bad thing happened and your commercial insured needs help. So now what? Join the FISCE and legendary Florida instructor Terry “Everyone’s Insurance Dad” Tadlock this Tuesday for the global premiere of The Bad Thing Happened: Handling Commercial Claims & Coverage Disputes. Terry reviews several common commercial lines insurance policies and examples of actual claims that challenged the coverage (or lack thereof) provided and what the agent did (or should have done) in response.

If you’re free Thursday afternoon please join us for the latest on all-things employment practices liability. Instructor Cathy “On a Mission” Trischan is back in the hotseat for Employment Practices Liability - A Coverage No Business Can Afford To Be Without.

In need your 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update? We got you! Learn the latest happenings with FL rules/regs/laws and fulfill your 4-Hour L&E Update requirement. Check out the schedule below and register online today!   

This week’s CE Webinars (all times Eastern. Keep scrolling to see the full month schedule):

  • TUES, 3/14, 1 – 4p - The Bad Thing Happened: Handling Commercial Claims & Coverage Disputes. Gain expertise in various coverage scenarios and be better positioned to advocate for your commercial insureds not if but when the bad thing happens.
  • WED, 3/15, 9a – 1p - For Life & Health Licensees In 2023: 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update. Another legendary Florida instructor returns Wednesday with the latest rules/regs for Life & Health licensees. If you’re in need of your update join Karin “I’ll Ask An Alaskan” Woofter and she’ll knock it out with you.
  • THURS, 3/16, 1 – 4p - Employment Practices Liability - A Coverage No Business Can Afford To Be Without. Discrimination and harassment claims by employees and third parties, employee privacy concerns, retaliation claims, wage and hour claims and more are reviewed in this essential Webinar.

It’s a fine week to be at the FISCE and we’re humbled to share it with you. Remember, if you’re an unapologetic lover of the Sunshine State keep scrolling for this week’s F5 (“Fascinating Factoid For Fanatical Floridians”.)

Until the next round…cheers!

Kevin “Beach Bod Described as ‘Insurance Guy” Amrhein, CIC, CBIA

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This factoid appeared originally in our 3/7/22 edition but I’m rehashing it here because it’s great.

Of the many memorable events to take place in the history of Florida, few may have more significance than a ‘swim forum’ event held in Ft Lauderdale in 1938. This event is cited as the origin of spring break! Wohoo!! Over the coming decades, the annual university pilgrimage to south Florida spiraled so out of control that the city took restrictive measures in the mid-1980s which sent students flocking to other in-state destinations like Daytona and Panama City Beach, both of which spent decades as the most traveled to spring break destination in the world.