What is the difference between a Webinar and a typical "online CE" course?
A Webinar does NOT require a final exam for CE credit to be earned. All of FISCE’s Webinars are live presentations that occur at a scheduled date and time.

Does FISCE offer group or private classes/Webinars?
Yes! For info about private in-house classes or private group Webinars please contact us.

What do I need to view/hear the Webinar?
You may participate in a Webinar using any of the following: 1) laptop or desktop computer, 2) smartphone, or 3) tablet.

To run a Webinar on a computer:
Your computer will need a reliable internet connection. If your computer does not have reliable speakers, you may use a phone for audio (instructions for using phone audio are available from within the Webinar). Attendees in our Webinars are in “listen-only” mode. Thus, you will not need a microphone or webcam. There is a Chat function which you may use to communicate with the instructor or administrator.

To run a Webinar on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet):
Your mobile device will need a reliable internet connection. Since viewing the Webinar requires internet access, please remember that, if you are not connected to Wi-Fi, the terms of your phone/device provider’s data usage plan may apply.

Which courses am I required to take and what happens if I DON'T take them?
To determine which courses you need, check your CE status with the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS). There are two ways to do this: 1) you can log in to your DFS "MyProfile" page by following the instructions in the “CE Compliance” tab above, or 2) you can call the DFS helpline: 850-413-3134. If you do not complete your CE requirement by your deadline, the DFS will assess a $250 penalty. Prolonged failure to comply will result in the DFS terminating your appointments (reference F.S. 626.2815).

“4-Hour Law & Ethics Update” CE course – What’s the Deal?
A “4-Hour Law & Ethics Update” is a mandatory CE course covering a curriculum set forth by the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) which must be completed one time per compliance period. The course you select must be specifically approved by the DFS for your license type. If you have more than one license, don’t panic! You’re required to complete only one 4-Hour course. For example, if you have both a 2-20 and a 2-15, you may take a 4-Hour course approved for a 2-20 or one that’s approved for a 2-15 – your choice!

On our Webinar Schedule, look for the courses that say “4-Hour Law & Ethics Update” in the title. Before registering, carefully review the “Approved Licenses” list under the course title to ensure you select one that applies to your license!

“Elective” CE courses – What’s the Deal?
An “elective” CE course is any  topic approved for CE by the Florida Department of Financial Services. For example, a 2-20 general lines agent can receive “elective” CE credit for completing an approved course about life insurance!

On our Webinar Schedule, any course you see that’s doesn’t say “4-Hour Law & Ethics Update” in the title is an “elective” course.

Once I complete the Webinar, what else do I need to do to get my CE?
After the conclusion of the Webinar, you will receive an email containing a link to a webpage that will allow you to complete your required Acknowledgement of Webinar Attendance form online and return it to FISCE. This process is all online- there is no separate form to download, scan, fax, etc.

Note that a separate form is required for each Webinar (thus, you cannot use the same form for multiple Webinars). Also, a separate form is required from each attendee (thus, you cannot include more than one attendee’s name on a single form).

Am I required to send a Certificate of Completion to the DFS?
No. The Certificate of Completion is for your records only.

How do I download/print the Certificate of Completion?
Log in to your profile on our website using your DFS license number and password. Click the “Actions” button next to the course on your registration list and select your certificate.

How do I get an itemized receipt of purchase?
There are two easy options to download a receipt: 1) use the “download receipt” link that you’ll see on your registration confirmation webpage, or 2) log in to your profile on our website using your DFS license number and password. Click the “Actions” button next to the course on your registration list and select your receipt.

Does FISCE offer Public Adjuster courses?
No, we do not currently offer courses that will satisfy the CE requirements for a Public Adjuster license.

I am interested in getting a license. Does FISCE offer pre-licensing courses?
No. For pre-licensing courses, please visit the website of our pre-licensing partner: Andy Beverly’s Florida Insurance School - www.andybeverly.com. Or you may call their office at 800-634-5813.