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“My God,’ exclaimed one of the players, ‘where is that ball going?!”

-Reaction to the Babe’s monumental 587-foot blast in Tampa (scroll to the “F5” for the story)

Spring training baseball has officially begun in Florida and all is now right with the world. ⚾

More money, more (insurance) problems? Taking a wild guess here: I don’t think P&C coverage issues cause night-sweats for one-percenters. But…

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This week’s CE Webinars (all times Eastern. Keep scrolling to see the full month schedule):

  • TUES, 2/28, 1 – 4p - Commercial Property: Recent Changes And Crucial Concepts. Our policy overlords at the ISO are tinkering again. This Webinar dives deep into the latest forms and many features including some that benefit the insured and some that don’t.
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  • THURS, 3/2, 9a – 12p - More Money, More (Insurance) Problems? Mastering P&C Coverage For The Affluent Market. Take an in-depth look into the affluent/high-net-worth marketplace and the P&C insurance challenges posed by unique exposures and lifestyles.
  • THURS, 3/2, 1 – 4p - Growing Good Insurance: Property & Liability Endorsements To Fortify Farm Risks. FISCE’s farm guru Sam “Dad Jokes Ain’t Bad Jokes” Bennett is back with the latest on coverage forms and vital endorsements necessary for most clients involved in an agribusiness operation.

It’s a fine week to be at the FISCE and we’re humbled to share it with you. Remember, if you’re an unapologetic lover of the Sunshine State keep scrolling for this week’s F5 (“Fascinating Factoid For Fanatical Floridians”.)

Until the next round…cheers!

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It’s April 4th, 1919. You’re in the stands watching the Boston Red Sox and New York Giants square off in a spring training game at Tampa’s Plant Field. Babe Ruth steps into the batter’s box and what happens next earns a historical marker erected on what is now the campus of the University of Tampa. 

Via The most descriptive account (of the homer) came from opposing Giants manager and baseball lifer John McGraw. He talked about the moment in an autobiography years later, likely prompting that plaque seen near the field today:

"I didn’t believe it possible for a man to hit a baseball as far as that. He caught the ball squarely on the nose and it started like an ordinary long fly. Instead of coming down, though, it kept rising. “My God,” exclaimed one of the players, “where is that ball going?” The drive cleared the field, a race track and then the fence. Interest in its length was greater than in the game itself. For the rest of the game that was all we talked about. To be sure of its length a party of newspaper men and players went out and measured the distance accurately. The ball had traveled 587 feet. Mind you, that is just thirteen feet short of two hundred yards! Can you imagine such a drive? That hit by Ruth would have cleared the bleachers and the center-field fence in the Polo Grounds. It was easily the longest hit I ever saw, or ever expect to see."