Trust Me (But You Shouldn’t)

Florida Insurance Detective

“Of course I replied! Who wouldn’t trust an ousted member of a remote nation’s royal family cold-emailing a stranger for bank info?!”

-Employee whose gullibility just got really expensive

“You can trust me.” Your insured’s business is taken to the cleaners by a crook using email to pose as a trusted source. A staffer took the bait in a phishing scam that locked up the insured’s network. A long-time employee went rogue and drained the coffers. How did this happen? What are the scams and warning signs? Can you be the hero who saves the insured from ruin? Join Cathy “On a Mission” Trischan this Thursday, 1/26 from 1 – 4p for the debut of Covering Online Fraud And Employees Who Turn Out To Be Crooks.

Ready to make sense of new legislation? Two chances this week. P&C licensees: register for the 4-hour Law & Ethics Update on Wednesday, 1/25 from 9am – 1pm Eastern. Florida’s favorite insurance geek David “Special Sauce” Thompson will discuss the changes made during December’s special legislative session, how the changes should affect abysmal market conditions and when. Can’t make the 1/25 show? No worries: we’re doing it all over again on Saturday, January 28th from 9a – 1p. 

This week’s Webinars (all times Eastern. Keep scrolling to see the full month schedule):

  • TUES, 1/24, 1 – 4p - Lurking: Surprises In The Contractor’s CGL Policy & Endorsements To Watch Out For. Your contractor insureds need help understanding the traps set throughout their General Liability policy and various endorsements. You need help explaining stuff to them. The perfect solution? Instructor Cathy Trischan’s popular Webinar which returns Tuesday. 
  • WED, 1/25, 9a – 1p - For Property & Casualty Licensees In 2023: 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update. Instructor David Thompson shares the latest news on legislation and reviews many common agent concerns regarding rules and conduct.

  • WED, 1/25, 2 – 3p - An Hour With Dave: All-Things Ordinance Or Law (Personal And Commercial). After a quick cooldown from his morning Law & Ethics Update party, David Thompson fires it back up for an awesome hour on O&L coverage, why we often get it wrong and what to do about it. 

  • THURS, 1/26, 9a – 1p – For All-Lines Claims Adjuster Licensees In 2023: 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update. If you’re in need of your 4-hour Law & Ethics Update, join yours truly and we’ll knock it out together.

  • THURS, 1/26, 1 – 4p - Covering Online Fraud And Employees Who Turn Out To Be Crooks. Join commercial lines guru Cathy Trischan for the debut of this highly-anticipated Webinar on sniffing out online fraud, questionable employee conduct, and the insurance products designed to help when defensive efforts fail.

  • SATURDAY, 1/28, 9a – 1p – For Property & Casualty Licensees In 2023: 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update. Can’t make the midweek show? Join us Saturday morning and we’ll knock out your Law & Ethics Update together.

  • SATURDAY, 1/28, 9a – 1p - For Life & Health Licensees In 2023: 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update. If you’re in need of your 4-hour Law & Ethics Update, join Karin “I’ll Ask An Alaskan” Woofter Saturday morning and she’ll knock it out with you.

It’s a fine week to be at the FISCE and we’re humbled to share it with you. Remember, if you’re an unapologetic lover of the Sunshine State keep scrolling for this week’s F5 (“Fascinating Factoid For Fanatical Floridians”.)

Until the next round…cheers!

Kevin “Member of a Remote Nation’s Royal Family” Amrhein, CIC, CBIA

Florida Insurance School Continuing Education (FISCE)

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During the recent celebration of his birthday, many shared memories of the extraordinary life of Dr. Martin Luther King. However, some may not be aware of how a trip he made to Florida led to one of the most significant events in American history.

On June 11th, 1964, Dr. King was arrested on the steps of the Monson Motel in St. Augustine after he and others were refused service at the restaurant. It’s widely believed that the arrests on that day led to passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. While the Monson was demolished in 2003, the current hotel property preserved the brick steps upon which Dr. King and others were detained.