Why the Everglades are Armed

Florida Man in the Everglades - Insurance Teacher

“Look at the bright side; it would clear out some of those darn snakes!”

-Officials discussing the accidental detonation of missiles housed in the Glades (scroll to the F5 for context)

Monday, Monday. To accommodate for the week of Thanksgiving (no Webinars that week), our NOV schedule is kicking off earlier in the month than normal including an awesome one this Monday (11/7). Highlights below. Please don’t wait to register!

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What’s on tap this week: Big problems with Insurance-To-Value, certificates and Additional Insured issues. I could go on but your attention span is dropping faster than a 1960s schoolkid under the desk (scroll to the F5 for context) so I’ll get to it. Here are the highlights:

  • ACV, RC, RCE, WTH??!! Master insurance technician Steve “He Ain’t” Lyon returns for a rare Monday afternoon Webinar on all-things Insurance-To-Value. He’ll discuss common shortcomings in property and liability as well as what to do about them.


  • “They crash my dreams.” If you insure contractors, chances are you see certificates and Additional Insured endorsements in your sleep. “Can’t Missa” Carissa Bonner is back Thursday morning with the latest on COIs and AIs.  

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Ah, Everglades National Park. Home to amazing birds, missile defense infrastructure, reptiles, swaying sawgrass, palm tre….Wait…WAIT…DID YOU SAY MISSILES??!!

For info on this fascinating story, here’s an excerpt from the nps.gov website: Everglades National Park houses one of the best preserved relics of the Cold War in Florida, a historic Nike Hercules missile site called "Alpha Battery" or "HM69". The site remains virtually the same as it was when official use of the site ended in 1979. Construction of the site by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was completed in 1965, just after the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. At the time, the nation's air defenses were positioned to protect against a possible Soviet air attack over the North Pole and thus, this and other anti-aircraft missile sites were established to protect against a possible air attack from the south. The Nike Hercules missile site was listed on the U.S. Department of the Interior Register of Historic Places on July 27, 2004 as a Historic District.